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Batman Arkham Origins CopperHead’s Revealing Outfit

This mod replaces CopperHead’s outfit with more revealing one in Batman Arkham Origins. The part of her top is see-through. Her pants are transparent in the area of her ass. Credits: FallsDipper.

How to Install Batman Arkham Origins CopperHead’s Revealing Outfit for Steam Users:

Step 1 – Turn off DIRECTX11

  • Go to “Batman Arkham Origins/Singleplayer/BMGame/Config”.
  • Open the “BmEngine.ini” file with a notepad. Note: It’s recommended to make a backup of this file just in case.
  • In “BmEngine.ini”, use the search keys “Ctrl + F” and find the line that reads – “AllowD3D11 = True” (without quotes). Replace this line with “AllowD3D11=False”.
  • Then search for the “AllowD3D10 = False” (without quotes). Change this line to “AllowD3D10 = True”.
  • Save file and restart computer.
  • Done! DX11 is now disabled!

Step 2 – Install the mod

  1. You’ll need to locate your game files in steamapps, and navigate to “BatmanOrigins.exe” in “Win32” folder: “Steam/steamapps/common/Batman Arkham Origins/SinglePlayer/Binaries/Win32/BatmanOrigins.exe”.
  2. Make a backup of your “BatmanOrigins.exe” just for safety.
  3. Rename “BatmanOrigins.exe” to “BatmanOriginsOriginal.exe” (without quotation marks).
  4. Extract the “BAO_CopperHead_Revealing_Outfit.7z” compressed package anywhere you want. You’ll have the “cpprH1.tpf” file. You’ll need it later.
  5. Download the TexMod tool.
  6. Rename “TexMod” to “BatmanOrigins.exe” (without quotation marks), place it with your “BatmanOriginsOriginal.exe” in “Win32” folder with the other “.exe”.
  7. Start the game via the Steam client. When you run the game through steam as normal, TexMod should pop-up at this point.
  8. When the TexMod window loads, set the “Target Application” as your newly named game’s “.exe”:
    • Click the “folder” icon in “Target Application”.
    • Select “BatmanOriginsOriginal.exe”.
    • Click “Open”.
  9. Now you should load the mod’s file:
    • Go to “Package Mode”.
    • Click on the small center “folder” icon.
    • Browse to the folder you previously placed the “cpprH1.tpf” file and pick this file.
  10. Now your selected file displays in the “Package Name” text field. Click “Run”. When the game’s splash screen displays just before launching, close the “TexMod” window.
  11. Done! Enjoy the game!
BAO CopperHead Revealing Outfit
BAO CopperHead Revealing Outfit
Version: 1.0
2.1 MB
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