Blair Witch Nude patched

A nude patch for Doc Holliday in Singleplayer, and for Gretchen, a waitress and a stripper.

Note: The patch requires the Nocturne Editor. (Not included in the archive)


English instructions:
| This patch removes the black bars in the bath scene on Day 2.
| To see the scene you have to click 8x on the tub.
| To use the patch you have to download the nocturne editor from First you have to create a pod.ini-file with all pods mounted as the editor suggests.
| Then extract the blairnpc.pod-file and dismount it.
| Open the newly created folder “models” and replace the existing TX132.dfm-file with my modified TX132.dfm-file and you’re done.
| Another nice thing that you can do is to replace the newdoc.dfm file with the contents of the TX132.dfm-file (it is in the blairhero.pod-file which you have to extract and dismount first). That makes it possible to play the game with a rather nude Elspeth Holliday. To remove the coat you only need to replace the file “doc_coat_bw.dfm”-file in the folder “models” with my modified file.
| If it won’t work (for me it worked) you can otherwise use the nocturne editor to remove the coat. Press 5 “keyframed model editor”, 1 “load model”, choose the appropriate file and press S “Scale Model”. Enter 0,0,0 then save and exit.
| That’s it. Have fun!
| DarkLord

1. download the nocturne-editor
2. install the editor and copy nocedit.exe in the blairwitch folder. Install game first 😉
3. start nocedit.exe
4. press ctrl-d. That opens editor-mode and (as suggested) create pod.ini file with all pods mounted.
5a. press “a” to open the file manager. Press “2” for “extract all files from .POD”, choose file “blairnpc.POD, let it       unpack and (as suggested) dismount it.
5b. do the same with “blairhero.POD”

Install Patch:
1. switch to folder “..MODELS/” in the blairwitch folder and replace the file “TX32.DFM” with that from the patch.
following steps are necessary if you want play the whole game naked :))
| 2. look in the same folder and replace the fie “newdoc.DFM” with the content from the “TX32.DFM” file, i.e. copy tx32.dfm, copy newdoc.DFM, delete newdoc.DFM, rename “copy of TX32.DFM” to “newdoc.DFM get rid of the coat start the editor again. Choose “5”, then “1”, choose “DOC_COAT_BW”, press “S” and change values to “0,0,0”, save and exit.

Your done.

Blair Witch Nude Patched
Blair Witch Nude Patched
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