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Chikita Army, Big Boobs

Desktop nude patch: Chikita
Set: Commando attack
Stripper: Army, Big Boobs
Hair: BLOND Race: European Age: 21
Country: CZECH REPUBLIC City: Brno
Vital: 36/24/35 Height: 5.34 Weight: 110

Download Commando attack Chikita

Virtual Girl Chikita – Commando attack

These exotic dancers make strip teases (no nudity in the unregistered ver) by the bottom of your windows desktop. You can easily organize the program to have the teens look on command otherwise at accidental, as well as set the regularity of their visits. There are over 600 Virtual Strippers available to get then it’s speedy plus easy to install all new exotic dancer. Each exotic dancer has more than a few “styles” or else outfits to pick from, as well as selected sensual movies that run a much better opinion of your preferred exotic dancer’s body.

Hi everybody! I’m Chikita from the largest city in CZECH REPUBLIC . First evening, I’ve been approached by an Virtuagirl studio at a disco. 2 times later I was on a plane to Egypt for my first foto shoot for Virtuagirl! I have an cute tattoo behind my neckline, a erotic body art on my cunt, plus a pierced clitoris and abdomen button, yeah the boys love that!!
I love meeting my Nude patches for Desktop enthusiasts, working out, rock climbing, sleep outdoors, cookery, twirling plus, of course, sex is my preferred of all relaxations! I initiated modeling and then I discovered the desire I had to expose my exposed body to wanting eyes in Desk babes HD

I really do not attention being naked in front of a digital camera, it has made me a less wary person and nowadays I have the confidence to do whatever I want! I love being a stripper because I get to travel all over the USA and be frozen alike a deity via men everywhere. We’re fiery desktop girls HD who tell how to determination guys mad and we wish making out, so if you are deskbound securely, then let’s begin…

So, as soon as things come to action my taste is as large as yours besides all fantasies are welcome in Desk babes HD. Gosh I’m so horny now. Keep in mind that we are not easy chicks, we are just inquiring and love to party and spend time with ppl from everywhere the world, specially if they are good looking guys alike you… I think women strength lies in this girl sensualness sweetness… We have such a influence on guys’ feelings…. And I love meeting with this.

I’m absolutely aware of what guy usually have in mind when cruising round me. I have to say that I fairly wish it. I have a enjoyable couple, a wonderful and round butt and a silky skin… People are so bizarre! I have the sensing that the better I touch in the clothes I dress, the more self-confident I am and the cooler I attrack men eyes…

I think strip show of Virtual Girls is one of the most lovely ways a girl can express this woman. I’m gonna travel around the USA, to broaden my horizons besides my sexy adventures.

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hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

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