Dark Souls 2 Scholar of The First Sin Nude Females

This mod makes women totally naked in Dark Souls 2 Scholar of The First Sin. Credits: nmnm242.



  1. iGP11 2.2.1
    Dump and replace textures used by the game. Allows to apply shader effects without affecting the GUI. Requirements: Windows 7 64bit or newer. Credits: S17L.
    This mod uses IGP11 to override the default textures for SOTFS.

  2. textures
    It removes the underwear from the female character.
    The invisible version of the Aurous Set has been made truly invisible to get the best possible nude character. The black bar around the waist and slightly smashed chest can only be removed by equipping the Aurous set.

  • Extract the “Dark-Souls-2-SOTFS-Female-Nude-Mod.7z” archive anywhere you want.
  • Navigate the “iGP11 2.2.1” folder and install iGP11. Application can be installed with “setup.exe“.
    In case of failure, try to install prerequisites manually and then run “iGP11.Installer”:
  • Launch “iGP11.Tool” with iGP11 shortcut.
  • Choose your game (Dark souls 2 SOTFS) in the “Game settings“, the “game name”. In the executable file path go to your game directory and select the “.exe file.
  • Select “Textures” below “Plugin settings”. On the right side there is an drop down box labeled “override mode“. Click that and select the “dumping” option.
  • Boot up SOTFS to create necessary folders.
  • Go back to the “override mode” and switch from “dumping” to “override“.
  • Go to the folder where you unzipped the mod archive. Navigate the “textures” folder and copy all “.dss” files to the “tex_override” folder in the game directory:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin\IGP11\tex_override (Yours game may be in a different drive than mine).
  • Launch game via iGP11.
  • Everything is done! Enjoy the game!

Dark Souls 2 SOTFS Female Nude Mod
Dark Souls 2 SOTFS Female Nude Mod
Version: 1.0
3.0 MB

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