GTA IV nude mod – Hookers

Naked Hookers – GTA IV nude mod
GTAIV mod created by Switch Designs


This mod will make your hookers in GTAIV naked so that they are easier to spot while driving around Liberty city.

First you will need SparkIV for GTAIV and make sure your Grand Theft Auto IV folders and all of their contents are set to non read only!

If you don’t already have a SparkIV GTA editor you can get it from:


How to install Hookers – GTA IV nude mod

To install the mod open SparkIV for GTAIV and browse for your file that you are going to edit:

common/pc/models/cdimages/componentpeds.img for GTAIV

and look for files f_y_hooker_01.wtd, f_y_hooker_01.wft, f_y_hooker_01.wdd, f_y_hooker_03.wtd, f_y_hooker_03.wft and f_y_hooker_03.wdd.
Extract them somewhere so that you have originals incase you want to put them back at a later time. Then replace the originals with the ones in this mod. Next click save and then click rebuild and then close when it is finished rebuilding.

GTA IV Nude Hookers Skins
GTA IV Nude Hookers Skins
1.0 MB

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