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Jenni Gregg Bikini, Virtual Girl..

Desktop nude patch: Jenni Gregg
Set: Golden girl
Stripper: Bikini, High Heels, Shaved, Porn Star, Piercing
Hair: BLOND Race: European Age: 25
Country: CZECH REPUBLIC City: Pilzen
Vital: 30/26/36 Height: 5.58 Weight: 128

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Virtual Girl Jenni Gregg – Golden girl

Virtual stripper is a nude patch for your desk program including strippers on your desktop. You can simply organize the program to have the girlfriends look on signal or else by chance, as well by way of set the frequency of their visits. In no job on altogether, babes will show up in the bottom of your pc computer’s desktop to perform dance naked. Each baby has numerous “themes” or fashions to select from, as well as selected erotic movies that provide a much improved view of your beloved girl’s figure.
Hello, I’m Jenni Gregg from Pilzen. I’m a Desktop girl for 2 long times nowadays… We like going out with folks then showing them a good time via Desktop nude patches, what’s mistaken with that? I’ve not once heard anyone protest. I have an nice body art behind my decolletage, a beautiful body art on my cunt, plus a pierced clit and tummy button, yeah the boys wish that!!

So, after things come to act my craving is as great as yours besides all unrealities are welcome in desktop nude patches. Gosh I’m so fan the flame now. I see how to gratify the right boys who can put me in the fuss. You’re also imagining of a home packed with beautiful blaze girls? I think the instant as a woman has the most to offer is when this woman reveals on night and exposes this girl stimulating underclothings…

My dream is to assimilate a show studio and play with crunches & fluffs… I’m gonna travel around the world, to extend my skylines then my stimulating escapades. I don’t tell how many guys I subjugated in college but I do not think they’ll disremember me too easily. I jumped at the chance to be desktop nude patches, who wouldn’t? I wish you guys are gonna like my strip shows.

What’s more stirring than dancing & undressing in front of dudes all dedicated to your body & actions? For me, nothing’s more satisfying! I love being a model because I get to travel all over the world and be treated alike a idol by guys everywhere. I gave my best for you boys in virtuagirls, enjoy!

And I must acknowledge doors have ever been unlocked for me, maybe root of my will, perhaps cause of my sexy body too… A pleasant round pair of boobs is the last daydream of most dudes. If my garments do not attrack your eyes, my eyes will, by the way… Enjoy my show!

Nesty represents the goals of Desktop strip patches – to find amazing mysterious womans and able danseuses who we can share with the full world connected!

hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

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