main menu replacer

Fallout 4 Animated Sexy Magnolia Main Menu

This mod replaces the main menu of Fallout 4 with animated hot dancing model. Her name is Magnolia. Credits: Woltrek. How to Install Fallout 4 Animated Sexy Magnolia Main Menu: Extract the “F4_Animated_Sexy_magnolia_main_menu” compressed package and put the “MainMenuLoop.bk2” file in your game’s “Fallout 4\data\video” folder.

Skyrim – Danyca nude mod for main menu

With this mod you can setup a new sexy background for Skyrim’s main menu. It replaces the wallpaper of the vanilla main-menu with a picture of Danyca, the author’s female character. You can choose from a selection of ten options. Thanks to Taurelin. DOWNLOAD ON TAURELIN’S PAGE