KOTOR Transparent Lingerie Collection

The mod adds a collection of sexy transparent underwear for all female players, Bastila and Mission  in Kotor. What’s Included: SKINS:Bastila “P_BastilaBA01.tga” (BY BuFu)Mission P_MissionBA01.tga “(BY BuFu)Twilek01 “N_TwilekFB01.tga” (BY Klaas)Twilek02 “N_TwilekFC01.tga” (BY Klaas) Skin Color: Light Medium DarkSoldier “pfbal01.tga” pfbalA01.tga “pfbalB01.tga” (BY BuFu)Herin “pfbam01.tga” pfbamA01.tga “pfbamB01.tga” (BY BuFu)“pfbas01.tga” pfbasA01.tga “pfbasB01.tga” (BY BuFu) How to Install …

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KOTOR Naked Twilek Dancer

Here’s a nude mod for Twilek dancer duo. How to Install KOTOR Naked Twilek Dancer: Just copy the “.tga” files into your “override” folder in the game’s directory.