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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Naked Females

This mod removes underwear from all female beings in the Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Credits: hsngrms.


Save Game Compatibility

This mod is %100 save game compatible. You can add this mod anytime you want, you will get naked females immediately. Also you can remove anytime you want, females will start to use garments again immediately.
Advise: do not install or remove any mod while game is still running.

Compatibility of Future Versions of Game

This mod will stay compatible between versions of game unless skins.xml file get some changes. However the author will update the mod as soon as possible when there is such a change.

After moving stable to 1.3.0, this mod was updated. There should be no problem with this mod if you install the latest version (now it’s v002).

Compatibility with Other Mods 

This mod uses altered version of skins.xml file as a module (Not touching the original). This makes the mod not compatible with any other mode doing same thing.

Most popular example for conflicting mod is Detailed Character Creation. Actually they are working together if this mod is on top of !DCC, however there is a great risk of crash when trying to change appearance of characters with DCC.

  • Extract the “Mount-&-Blade-II-Bannerlord-female-nude-mod” archive and put the “!CNF” folder into the “Modules” folder of game.
    Path to Modules folder is like below:
    “…\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules”.
  • Start the game and activate mod in launcher.
    NOTE: This mod always should be on top of load order in order to work. Otherwise it will not work.
This mod must be enabled and on top of your loading list if you didn’t already find what’s wrong. 


This mod can be uninstalled any time. It will NOT corrupt your save game.

  • Remove !CNF folder from Modules if you want to complete uninstall.
  • Deactivate Cheaters Naked Females in launcher if you want to disable for a while but use it again later.

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