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NieR: Automata 2B’s Christmas Dress

Merry Christmas! This mod gives a new celebratory Christmas outfit for 2B in NieR: Automata. Requires FAR (Fix Automata Resolution) by Kaldaien. Credits: eraser3000.

  • To install this mod you need to have FAR (Fix Automata Resolution) installed first. Download FAR here.
  • Extract the .dss files from “NieR_Automata_2B_Christmas_dress.7z” archive directly in the folder where far injects texture in nier automata. It should be <your nier automata path>/Far_Res/inject/textures
    Note: Replacing the files in the 2B folder located in FAR_Res\inject\textures\NieRAutomata.exe\GPUnity’s Texture Pack V0.75 does not do the trick. You have to actually delete the 2B folder in there. Be sure to keep a backup of the original folder of course. After deleting the 2B folder, you should be able to place this mods files in FAR_Res\inject\textures and have them work fine (thanks to ccrocker58 for pointing this out).

NieR Automata 2B Christmas Dress
NieR Automata 2B Christmas Dress
Version: 1.0
131.2 KB
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