Resident Evil Village Naked Moroaica

The mod makes a human mutant of Resident Evil Village a spoopy nude vampire woman. It’s a kind of set out to make a mix of a human turning into a monster. Used a custom model for RE8 Moroaica. Credits: intoxicated irish boi aka wheezer123.

How to Install Resident Evil Village Naked Moroaica

  1. Unpack the “RE8_Naked_Moroaica_and_Modmanager” file into the folder of your choice.
  2. [OPTIONAL] If you don’t direct the modmanager to your game before, do next:
    • Navigate to the “modmanager” folder.
    • Run the “Modmanager.exe“ application.
    • Pick “Resident Evil Village” as the game and define the game path to your “RE8.exe” file.
    • Close the modmanager.
  3. Drag the “natives” folder into your modmanager’s directory: “Games\RE8\Mods”.
  4. Launch the Fluffy modmanager (inside “modmanager” folder) and enable the mod. Navigate to the list of RE8 mods and click this one in the list to install. Wait for the application to say in the lower left: “Installed mod: The version of my mod you are using”. Close the modmanager.
  5. Start the game. Have fun with Moroaica!
RE8 Naked Moroaica
RE8 Naked Moroaica
Version: 1.0
3.6 MB

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