Stardew Valley Naked Pam and Penny

This mod replaces Pam and Penny models with a naked version in Stardew Valley. It includes only sprites. Like a bonus, you’ll get a “lewd” Fish Pond. Credits: Hi.

Stardew Valley nude mod
Stardew Valley nude mod
Bonus – Fish Pond.

How to Install Stardew Valley Naked Pam and Penny:

  • Make sure you made a backup of “Pam.xnb”, “Penny.xnb” and “Fish Pond.xnb” files located in “Characters” folder.
  • Place the “Pam.xnb” and “Penny.xnb” files from the mod’s archive into the “Characters” folder in your game directory:
    “Stardew Valley\Content\Characters”
  • Have fun!
SV Naked Pam and Penny
SV Naked Pam and Penny
Version: 1.0
14.6 KB

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