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Viki Bikini, Virtual Girl

Desktop nude patch: Viki
Set: The midas touch
Stripper: Bikini, High Heels, Shaved
Hair: FAIR Race: European Age: 20
Country: CZECH REPUBLIC City: Prague
Vital: 33/26/33 Height: 5.60 Weight: 110

Download The midas touch Viki

Virtual Girl Viki – The midas touch

These girlfriends make strip teases (no nakedness in the unregistered ver) on the bottom of your windows desktop. Plus selected pair who become up-close plus individual with each other. In no time by altogether, girlfriends will strip demonstration up in the bottom of your computer’s windows desktop to do dance naked. Each teen has some “themes” or else clothes to select from, as well in place of some sexy vids HD that offer a much improved interpretation of your preferred girl’s figure.

Hello sirs! I’m a bit more used to make on a club step but I must acknowledge I was fairly enthusiastic with the fantasy of strip dancing on your toolbar… First nightly, I’ve been neared by an Virtual Video Girls agency by a party. 2 times later I was on a airplane to Egypt for my 1st foto set for Virtuagirl! I have an cute body art behind my neckline, a beautiful body art on my hole, and a pierced clitoris and stomach button, yeah the guys wish that!!

My parents have ever said me that taboos are the worse thing on earth, especially when you have a enjoyable body… May be that’s why I’ve ever been very fruitful with boys. A nice round pair of titties is the ultimate daydream of most men. I like garments! I can spend days and days shopping and try garments in front of my mirror!

I wish to see and feel wish in your eyes, unclothe very slowly so that you are failing to learn what I got for you in Desk Babes… And I got a lot to give! Keep in attention that we are not easy chicks, we are just inquisitive plus like to festivity and spend time with ppl from round the world, especially if they are good looking fellows like you… I’m very proud to be at this point today besides expression you all what I can give! We have such a control on men’s sentiments…. Besides I wish playing with this.

What’s extra thrilling than dancing & stripping in front of men all devoted to your body & movements? For me, nobody’s more filling! I can’t look to find the right guy however. Maybe me and you possibly will get to tell each other better? Most of while I game play in pictures of Virtual Strippers and having this day doffing and presenting was a real letup in addition moment of desire.

I think striptease of Nude patches for Desktop is one of the most lovely habits a girl can express that woman. I fast accepted on with a pair years of qualified strip show for Nude patch for Desktop, so I guess I had developed very first a real sense of sensualness…. Then you know all that, so get me! I don’t tell how many boys I subjugated in school but I do not think they will forget me too easily. I jumped by the chance to be Virtua Girls HD, who wouldn’t? I hope you boys are gonna care my stripteases.

She loves the private setting plus own care of dancing for you on stage, then taking a whole squad about watching her fuck was also much for this silent prima donna. Just use this stripped mod for your desktop!

hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

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