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Virtual Girl Viki, desktop: White spider..

Desktop nude patch: Viki
Set: White spider
Stripper: High Heels, Shaved
Hair: BLOND Race: European Age: 20
Country: CZECH REPUBLIC City: Prague
Vital: 33/26/33 Height: 5.60 Weight: 110

Download White spider Viki

Virtual Girl Viki – White spider

These girlfriends perform strip teases (no nakedness in the unregistered ver) at the bottom of your desktop. The pay version looks to have a entire pile of virtua babes that bare naked then touch the sexy bodies. In no time at all, babes will show up in the nook of your computer’s pc desktop to make dance. Each girlfriend has numerous “styles” otherwise outfits to pick from, as well by way of some xxx vids HD that offer a much well view of your beloved stripper’s style.

Hey ppl, it is Viki here, how y’all doing? First night, I’ve stayed approached by an Virtual Video Girls agency at a disco. 2 times later I was on a plane to Egypt for my first foto shoot for Virtual girls! I like tatoo plus piercings!

My dream is to integrate a floorshow company and play with crackles & fluffs… I see that men are one-time mean on purpose. What they are looking for is a dominatrix who knows exactly how to punish them.

I’m perfectly aware of what men usually have in mind as cruising around me. I have to say that I quite like it. The amusing thing is that when I tried to become a fashion model, everyone was saying me that I was not big sufficient and that my boobs were too big. I like garments! I can spend times and days shop and try clothes in front of my mirror! I don’t tell how many guys I conquered in academy but I don’t think they’ll disremember me too simply. I jumped by the chance to be Virtua Girls HD, who would not? I wish you guys are gonna like my stripteases.

I like modelling for all classes of stuff. I do style demonstrations, directory erotic magazines and of course, some stimulating stuff! I think you guys are gonna like my moving picture, pics and videos, I really put a lot of skill into them! I’m very pleased to play for desktop virtua girls and I hope we are gonna have some amusing together.

Know why I like to striptease for blaze boys like you? Well, pretty simple. Some of you boys must have seen me in other flicks of Nude patches for Desktop plus seen that teasing is my thing. I tell how to please the right boys who can put me in the limelight. I think girls strength lies in this girl sensualness sweetness… I think the moment when a woman has the most to offer is when she exposes at nightly and discloses this girl sensual underclothings…

Enjoy my animations, snaps and vids sirs, I’m all yours

hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

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