The patch stripped of the Seraphim, High Elf and Dryad.
ReadMe and instructions can be found in the. Exe,
One goes to Zaze thanks for the patch.

Sacred Nude patch same as v1 but, in this version were adjusted to represent the high elves, and there is the option, the Seraphim, without wings.

Download “Sacred nude patch II”

The exchanges here Ladebild with something … better off:)

Note: This sacred 2 nude skin requires TexMod (Not included in the archive)

Download “Ladebild sacred 2 nude skin”

A nude mod for the High Elf in 2 variations. With or without panties. What’s left to say.

Download “Sacred 2 nude mod”

With this Sacred 2 nude patch, the High Elf and Seraphim are permissive.

The itemtype.txt you must answer, however, even to deal with.
5 ways are included in the archive.

Download “Sacred 2 nude patch”

A Sacred 2 nude skins for the Dryad, High Elf and Seraphim.

This Sacred 2 skins is the same as the other two, only for version 2.40 of the game.

Download “Sacred 2 nude skins”

The latest version of Fallen Angel Patches. The Dryad is now included as well.

Download “Sacred 2 nude mod Angel”

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