Blade & Sorcery Naked Enemy Joy

This mod adds a nude enemy called Joy in Blade & Sorcery. She is fully naked. Compatible for U9.2. Added the Custom Avatar Framework (for custom NPCs). Credits: Lilhusky.

How to Install Blade & Sorcery Naked Enemy Joy:

  1. Unpack the mod’s archive anywhere. There are two folders inside it: one called “Custom Avatar Framework” and other one called “Joy”.
  2. You need to install the avatar framework first. Just navigate to the “Custom Avatar Framework” and move all its files to the “StreamingAssets” folder in your game’s directory.
  3. Go to the “Joy” folder and put all its content directly in the “StreamingAssets” folder as well.
  4. Done! Have fun with Joy!
Blade & Sorcery Enemy Joy
Blade & Sorcery Enemy Joy
Version: 1.0
30.4 MB

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