Chun Li Full Nude for Super Street Fighter IV AE

Realistic skins pack for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition – Chun Li Nude Mod.

Yes this is an adult mod don’t install it if you are under age or easily offend by animated nipples, pubic hair, assholes or vaginas!

Realistic nude Chun Li V2 for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

New in V2:

– Shaved version =)

– some suttle asjustments to other parts
Credits: sloth85 for the original full nude Chun Li texture and mesh. All I did was gave her private bits more details .

1. Installation of nude Chun Li: same old, just throw everything in your CNL folder and click yes when it ask you to replace.

2. Oh and do backup you originals Super Street Fighter IV files in case you ever want to restore Chun Li’s modesty

Enjoy and feel free to comment =)

Have Fun!

Realistic Nude Chun Li
Realistic Nude Chun Li
8.0 MB

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