SSF IV nude mod – Chun-Li Black-Pink Lingerie

Chun-Li Black-Pink Lingerie nude patch for Super Street Fighter IV

Installation of SSF IV nude mod:

1 – It’s recomended that you back up the original Chun-Li files…. in this case CNL_01_01.col.emz and CNL_01.cos.emz, located on Super Street Fighter IV\Battle\Chara\CNL.
2 – To install the skin, simply replace the original files “CNL_01_01.col.emz and CNL_01.cos.emz” located on Super Street Fighter IV\Battle\Chara\CNL, for this one.
3 – This skin will overwrite the original 1st color suit, incase you want to change it back to original… simply replace the skin files with your back up.
4 – Enjoy  SSF IV with nude Chun-Li in Black-Pink Lingerie 😉

Credits to MadPro.

Chun-Li nude Black-Pink Lingerie
Chun-Li nude Black-Pink Lingerie
3.4 MB

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