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Doom Sexy Girls

This mod replaces Doom I & II vanilla monsters with sexy girls without changing gameplay or their state machine. Thanks to MZZ.


This is mod for a certain fetish, namenly Zako/Ryona. Fitting for Doom it is bloody and gory, spiced with some sexy.
As the original monsters are replaced, this mod is compatibel with vanilla level packs.
Not compatible are wads/mods that also tamper with the basic monsters and depend on it to work. (new AI routines, extra event coding, etc).

Enemies now have full rotations and no sprite mirroring. (Except symetrical enemies). That means weapons don’t jump from left hand to right hand while moving about.  Enemies can be completly flipped, meaning left or right handed in all animations. 50/50 chance for Normal or flipped version. Gives a bit of variety.

  • You need ZDoom or GZDoom. Both can be downloaded her for free: GZDoom. Other ports like Boom or Zandronum may also work. You also need the original asset files (wad) from Doom or Doom2.
  • Copy the Zako.wad into the same folder as (G)ZDoom, then drag & drop the file onto the (G)ZDoom.exe.
  • The game then starts with the mod and you can play vanilla doom with Sexy Girls.

Enjoy – Feedback appreciated!

Doom Nude Mod V1.1
Doom Nude Mod V1.1
Doom_nude_mod v1.1.7z
176.9 MB

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3 thoughts on “Doom Sexy Girls”

  1. This was a brilliant playing through, it was very tricky to find the right GzDoom however to run it.

    lovely art work.

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