Dragon Nest Naked Females

The mod makes females of Dragon Nest completely/partly nude. Tested and working on Steam EU version of game.

How to Install Dragon Nest Naked Females:

1. Download and unpack the mod’s archive.
2. Open the “reimport_DragonNest.bat” file with notepad.
3. Change “Steam\SteamApps\common\Dragon Nest Europe\DragonNest\Resource02.pak” to full path where “Resource02.pak” is ( it is in your “…/Steam…/SteamApps/common/Dragon Nest Europe/DragonNest/Resource02.pak”).  Same for “Resource03.pak”.
4. Backup the original “Resource02,03.pak” if it’s needed.
5. Save new “reimport_DragonNest.bat”, close notepad and run “reimport_DragonNest.bat” and wait till all new files injected. You must not have any warnings and see something like at end.
6. Done! Run the Dragon Nest. Enjoy!

Dragon Nest Nude Mod
Dragon Nest Nude Mod
5.6 MB

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