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Dragon Nest nude mod 9


MMO Dragon Nest nude patch. Tested and working on Steam EU version of game.

Kali – replaces most of Kali clothes with nude body ( top, bottom, belt ) Boots and gloves left original
Sorc – only unclothed for now. clothes mods some later..
Some NPC and monsters.

How to install Dragon Nest nude mod:

1. Download and unpack skins archive.
2. Open reimport_DragonNest.bat with notepad
3. Change “d:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dragon Nest Europe\DragonNest\Resource02.pak” to full path where Resource02.pak is ( it is in you …/Steam…/SteamApps/common/Dragon Nest Europe/DragonNest/Resource02.pak ) same for Resource03.pak

4. Backup original Resource02,03.pak if needed
5. save new reimport_DragonNest.bat , close notepad and run reimport_DragonNest.bat and wait till all new files injected
you must not have any warnings and see something like at end
6. done , run the Dragon Nest


Dragon Nest Nude Mod
Dragon Nest Nude Mod
5.6 MB
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  • yoyo

    i dont understand instructions!!!!

  • Rai

    how do I reverse this process? like removing the mod

  • admin

    Just restore “original Resource02,03.pak” from Backup…

  • pop

    will this work on the na version

  • Diglett

    Hey can teach how you made this mod?

  • Brandon Le

    Does this work with the original game client, the one not from steam?

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