Fallout 76 Female Nude Skins

Here is a nude female texture for Fallout 76. It replaces the female amusement park outfit with a naked version. This nude mod includes nipple piercing. Credits: FONVFAAN.

  1. Unpack “Fallout76-Female-nude-skins.7z” anywhere and place the “AmusementParkReplacer.ba2” and “AmusementParkTextures.ba2” files into your “Data” folder
    PC\Drive\Games\Steam\Steamapps\common\Fallout 76\Data
  2. Go to your “Fallout 76” folder
    PC\Documents\my games\Fallout 76
  3. Add “AmusementParkReplacer.ba2, AmusementParkTextures.ba2” to your existing Fallout76Custom.ini at the end of sResourceArchive2List under [Archive] like so:

    sResourceArchive2List =…,…,AmusementParkReplacer.ba2, AmusementParkTextures.ba2
  4. Done! Have fun!

Fallout76 Female nude skins
Fallout76 Female nude skins
Version: 1.0
1.4 MB

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