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Gotham Knight Naked Batgirl

Here is a mega mod pack made for Batgirl in Gotham Knight. This nude mod can be also easily customized to be with or without gloves/boots/cowls/capes. It contains body physics.

It’s comptable with other mods (the head, hair, body, gloves, feet, cowl, and cape meshes are split into separate paks for max compatibility).

The mod replaces Batgirl’s New Guard costume and supports New Guard transmog. It works in both slots 1 and 2. Credits: peek6.

What’s Included

All the files you need are available in this 7z archive. The 2 main “.pak” files (for the head and the base) are conveniently labelled “required.” All the other paks are optional and are used to customize whether Batgirl is fully nude or whether she still wears gloves, boots, cape, cowl, etc.

  • Main files:
    • zz_REQUIRED_batgirl_nude_V3_basebody_p.pak
    • zz_REQUIRED_batgirl_nude_V3_head_with_choker_p.pak
  • Optional files:
    • zz_OPTIONAL_batgirl_day_one_hair_on_suit_one_p.pak
    • zz_OPTIONAL_batgirl_nude_V3_barefeet_overrides_boots02_p.pak
    • zz_OPTIONAL_batgirl_nude_V3_barefeet_overrides_boots03_p.pak
    • zz_OPTIONAL_batgirl_nude_V3_barehands_overrides_gloves02_p.pak
    • zz_OPTIONAL_batgirl_nude_V3_barehands_overrides_gloves03_p.pak
    • zz_OPTIONAL_batgirl_nude_V3_remove_capes_p.pak
    • zz_OPTIONAL_batgirl_nude_V3_remove_cowl03_p.pak

How to Install Gotham Knight Naked Batgirl

  1. Unpack the “GK_Naked_Batgirl.7z” file anywhere you want.
  2. Put the 2 “.pak” files labeled REQUIRED (the base and head) into “Mercury\Content\Paks\~mods”.
  3. All remaining “.pak” files are OPTIONAL – you can pick any combination of them. Based on which of the optional paks you choose to install, you can now independently choose whether to:
    • keep/remove the cape.
    • overwrite boots and gloves in slots 2 and 3 with bare hands and feet.
    • remove cowl 3.
    • give her the Day One hair.
  4. Done! Have fun with Batgirl!
Gotham Knights Nude Batgirl
Gotham Knights Nude Batgirl
Version: 3.1
49.6 MB
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