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Gotham Knight Nightwing Revealing Costumes

Richard Dick Grayson is getting naughty and one thing leads to another. Now he wants to wear sexy costumes in Gotham Knight. Fortunately, we have something to offer him.

Two in One. The mod replaces Nightwing’s first and third suits with skimpy costumes. Credits: LuxosMods.

Two revealing costumes for Richard:

  1. Nightwing_Suit01_Nude_Big_Armored.pak
    Replaces the first suit with a lewd version.
  2. Nightwing_Suit03_SemiNaked01.pak
    Replaces the third suit with a skimpy one.

How to Install Gotham Knight Nightwing Revealing Costumes:

  1. Unpack the “Gotham_Knights_Naked_Nightwing.7z” file anywhere you like.
  2. Place both “.pak” files into the “Mercury\Content\Paks\~mods” folder.
  3. Run the game and choose the first\third suit to use one of the revealing costumes. Enjoy!
Gotham Knights Naked Nightwing
Gotham Knights Naked Nightwing
Version: 0.1
9.6 MB
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