GTA San Andreas Nude Patch

Description of the author:
“This mod makes some naked women in SA, not ave If this mod is well received, I will carry on in the game that all women are naked! Until then, we have to wait 😉 ”

Note: This patch requires the SAMI Modinstaller Not included (in the archive).


GTA San Andreas Nude Mod v1.0


I will go on in the GTA game that all girls are naked!

To install, the “SAMI Mod installer” needed!

Installation GTA San Andreas Nude Patch:

1st Extract all the files and click on “Nude Mod v1.0”


1.Deinstall it with your Mod installer.

Very Important!
Am I liable for any damages that may arise from my mod or lost files. This mod may be freely distributed on the internet if my NAME will be mentioned.

Greeting Basti

Gta San Andreas Nude Patch
Gta San Andreas Nude Patch
500.7 KB

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