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GTA San Andreas Naked Alcina Dimitrescu

Do you want to play as Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village? The mod replaces CJ’s character with Alcina Dimitrescu model in GTA San Andreas. Credits: Mrandreas5555.

What’s Included:

  1. Crazy IMG Editor
    It’s a program for easy replacement of the model and texture files in GTA San Andreas.
    Crazy IMG Editor Main Features:
    • Possibility to add multiple files at a time.
    • Possibility to add files with the replacement and rotation and removing existing ones.
    • Search and selection possibilities.
    • Ability to view the current size of the file and the size of the rebuilding
  2. Skin Selector 2.1
    It’s a mod that changes CJ’s skin to: any other peds (ordinary citizen); special heroes, such as: Ryder, Big Smoke, Officer Tenpenny, etc; custom skins loaded into the game.
    You can also select clothes from all the shops of San Andreas. Thus, you can easily dress up CJ in the latest fashion anywhere in the game.
    It allows you to spawn next to any of the above characters as well. There are two types of spawns:
    • normal, i.e. the character simply appears next to the player.
    • defender, i.e. the character begins to protect CJ.
  3. Textures
    It’s a high quality model of Alcina Dimitrescu. Moving skeleton. Moving hands.

How to Install GTA San Andreas Naked Alcina Dimitrescu:

  • Unpack the mod’s archive anywhere. There are three folders inside it: “Crazy IMG Editor”, “Skin Selector 2.1” and “Textures”.
  • Go to the “Skin Selector 2.1” folder and copy “skin.img”, “skin_n.cs” files to the “cleo” folder in your game directory. Confirm the replacement.
GTA San Andreas
  • After that open “[GAME FOLDER]\data\gta.dat” with Notepad or any similar program. Find that line contains [IMG MODELS\CUTSCENE.IMG]. Then insert this new line:
    “IMG CLEO\SKIN.IMG” (without quotes).
  • Navigate to the “Crazy IMG Editor” folder. Launch “GTA-SA Crazy IMG Editor.exe” application. Click File-> Open (Ctrl+L) and pick location of the game’s skin selector: “[GAME FOLDER]\cleo\skin.img”.
  • Click Edit-> Add with replacement (Ctrl+Ins) and choose the “AlcinaDimNude.dff” and “AlcinaDimNude.txd” files from the “Textures” folder.
  • After the surgery it’s advisable (optional) rebuild the archive with the command in the File-> Rebuild Archive.
  • Close application.
  • Done! Run the game. Have fun!

How to Use the Mod:

To change the character to a new skin loaded into the game, press “Tab” and do not release the mouse wheel (or press “Q” or “E” (buttons to change weapons) without releasing “Tab”) – the whole character has changed. In order to get into the character selection menu, you must simultaneously and without releasing press “Tab”+”E”+”Q” (or instead of the “Q” button, simply turn the mouse wheel away from you). Exit from this menu “F” or “Enter”.

GTA SA Naked Alcina
GTA SA Naked Alcina
Version: 1.0
3.2 MB
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