WoW Nude Skin Pack

SwiftLippin’s WoW Nude Skin Pack v1.10 Creator: SwiftLippin SwiftLippin’s nude female skins pack. For all Warcraft races!! This nude skin pack for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade 2.4.3 Compliant

WOW nude mod Blush

Mod Blush Pack by Troll Paxton This MPQ (“patch-g.mpq”) adds blushes to the girls of female face textures in World of Warcraft models. Girl`s Lips are also slightly reddened on some races. All races are included but not Tauren in this WOW nude mod Blush Pack.

Leopard Tauren

There are in Leopard Tauren pack only for two variants of the Tauren Female (first 00 – black and second 10 – white) Compatibility World of Warcraft:  Leopard Tauren patch pack requires extension update (.MPQ) to be 2.4.0 compliant