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Monster Hunter Rise Naked Elgado Girls

Two Elgado hotties undressed for you in Monster Hunter Rise. The mod makes the NPC girls around the Command post naked. Added jiggle physics. Credits: Talsen18.

What’s Included

  • Fluffy Manager 5000
    This tool lets you install and uninstall mods for various games: Monster Hunter Rise, Resident Evil Village, Devil May Cry 5, and many others. Note: If you already have Fluffy Manager, you don’t need install the mod manager again. You can update it to the latest version as necessary. Credits: FluffyQuack.
    • It will process filenames for a mod and try to find them within the game’s “PAK” files (it searches for them the same way the game does, by calculating a hash based on the filepath).
    • If it finds matching entries, it will invalidate these entries in the “PAK” file so the game can’t find them and thus try to load the files outside of the “PAK” files.
    • It then copies the mod files to the game directory.
    • Uninstalling mods work in a very similar way (it will re-validate entries in the “PAK” files using cached information about the “PAK” files), and automatically delete mod files copied over (or restore backups of original files).
  • Semi Naked Elgado Girls.rar
    Nude textures for two NPC girls around Command post.

How to Install Monster Hunter Rise Naked Elgado Girls

  1. Extract the “MHR_Naked_Elgado_Girls_and_Modmanager.7z” file anywhere you want. There are “Fluffy Manager 5000” folder and “Semi Naked Elgado Girls.rar” file inside.
  2. [OPTIONAL] Before running the modmanager for the first time, ensure all “PAK” files in your game install are unmodified (to easily do this, right-click the game in Steam and choose “verify file integrity”).
  3. Go to the “Fluffy Manager 5000” folder and run “Modmanager.exe”.
  4. Click on “Options – Define Game Info – Current Game: Monster Hunter Rise”.
  5. “Define game path” and add the “MonsterHunterRise.exe” file under the game directory. Close the mod manager.
  6. Copy the “Semi Naked Elgado Girls.rar” file to “Fluffy Manager 5000\Games\MHRise_Demo\Mods”.
  7. To enable Elgado Girls’ nude textures, start the mod manager again, click on the “Mod list” button. Mods should start loading up for your selected game with image previews and everything. Select “Semi Naked Elgado Girls Smaller boobs”. Wait for the application to say in the lower left: “Installed mod: The version of this mod you are using”.
  8. Close Fluffy Manager 5000.
  9. Run the game. Have fun!


How to Install the Mod for Linux Users

For anyone who is a linux gamer, but doesn’t have a steam deck and is gaming on a linux desktop, here’s a way how to get Fluffy Manager working for MHR. Be warned, the method has been proposed by one linux gamers on Nexus, so this info might not be 100% right, but it should be close enough that you could figure out anything.

  1. Unpack the “MHR_Naked_Elgado_Girls_and_Modmanager.7z” file anywhere you want. There are “Fluffy Manager 5000” folder and “Semi Naked Elgado Girls.rar” file inside.
  2. Put all the files from the “Fluffy Manager 5000” folder into the root of your “Monster Hunter Rise” game folder so that the “Modmanager.exe” and “MonsterHunterRise.exe” are in the same folder.
  3. Add the “modmanager.exe” to steam with proton compatibility enabled, whichever proton version you’re using When you add the “.exe” to steam click on [Add a Game > Add a Non-Steam Game > Browse > Navigate to your Monster Hunter install folder > under File Type choose All Files to get the Modmanager.exe to show up > Select the Modmanager.exe file > Click Open > Add Selected Programs > right click on Modmanager.exe that now shows up in your steam games library list > Click on Properties > Compatibility > click on ‘Force the use of a specific steam play compatibility tool’ > Choose your version of proton > close properties].
  4. Launch “Modmanager.exe”.
  5. Click on “Options”.
  6. Pick “Define Game Info”.
  7. Choose “Current Game: Monster Hunter Rise”.
  8. Select “Install Path” [wherever you installed Monster Hunter Rise]. This should enable you to load the mod. Close the mod manager.
  9. Now you should add the “Semi Naked Elgado Girls.rar” file to the “Games > MHRISE > Mods” folder.
  10. Run the mod manager again. Re-read game archives and refresh mod list.
  11. Enable the nude textures by choosing “Semi Naked Elgado Girls Smaller boobs” on the mod’s list. Close “Fluffy Manager 5000”.
  12. Launch “Monster Hunter Rise” like normal through Steam. Enjoy the Monster Hunter Rise Naked Elgado Girls mod.
MHR Naked Elgado Girls
MHR Naked Elgado Girls
Version: 1.1.0
6.0 MB
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