Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Kuchisake-Onna Character

The mod replaces Joe Hayabusa of Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection with nude Kuchisake-onna. She wears nothing except a mask. Added DoaTool and Import tool by tianmuxia. Credits: KariJay.

How to Install Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Kuchisake-Onna Character

  1. Extract the “Kuchisake-onna_Nude” folder into the “databin” folder in the game directory.
  2. Go the “…\databin\Kuchisake-onna_Nude” folder and run the “_ImportMod.bat” file.
  3. Drag and drop the “764_Kuchisake-onna.tmc” file into the application and press “Enter”.
  4. Type 764 as a dest file id in the appropriate row and press “Enter”.
  5. Importing process is starting now. Press any key to continue. Wait till it’s finished. You should see “Success”.
  6. Launch game and select the shirtless costume for Hayabusa.
  7. Enjoy playing as a psychotic nude woman who commits murder for fun.

Known Issues: Audio files were not modified, so Hayabusa still has his normal voice. You can mute the voice in game as a solution.

NG3RE Kuchisake-Onna Character
NG3RE Kuchisake-Onna Character
Version: 1.0
4.3 MB

2 thoughts on “Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Kuchisake-Onna Character”

  1. Correction: works great & it’s beautiful work, Ayane & Kasumi as well!! A jolly good show!

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