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Scarlet Blade nude mod by Poplan



Poplan’s Scarlet Blade Nude Patch

Quick start

This nude mod set also includes the “AP” outfits.

There are two types, “Hairy” and “Shaved”.

For Samples of each set, look in the “Samples” folder.
To install simply copy the set you wish to use under “Textures” to “..\Data\Objects\PC\tex”.

Note: Sentinel and Shadow Walker

Sentinel does not have a shaved version but is in both sets for ease of install.
Shadow Walker is does not have pubic hair but is in both sets for ease of install.


DE_BD_CS_06 Unknown
DE_BD_CS_08 Kama Sutra Warmup Set+ (DE)
DE_BD_N_04 Defender Armor L25
DE_BD_N_05 Defender Armor L30
DE_BD_N_00 Defender (No Lingerie) (Unsealer)

Known Issues

DE_BD_N_04 (Defender L25 Armor) There’s issues with the mesh that casues the rear vulva texture doesn’t show up for some reason. A pink dot where the arm joins with the body also appears (which is probably why that strap is there.)
DE_BD_N_05 (Defender L30 Armor) Various display issues.


Finished Defender Armor sets.
Finished DE_BD_CS_06 AP Outfit.
Finished DE_BD_CS_08 AP Outfit.

Redid modification textures for Defender.
Reorganized and unified XCF files.

Finished DE_BD_N_00 texture.
Finished DE_BD_N_001 texture.
Finished DE_BD_N_02 texture (with alternate).
Finished DE_BD_N_05 texture.

Finished DE_BD_CS_09 AP Outfit.
Finished DE_BD_CS_10 AP Outfit.
Fixed DE_BD_N_00 texture.
Finished DE_BD_NU_A_05 texture.
Finished DE_BD_NU_B_05 texture.
Finished DE_BD_CS_11 AP Outfit.
Finished DE_BD_CS_17 AP Outfit.
Finished DE_BD_CS_18 AP Outfit.

Finished DE_BD_CS_29 AP Outfit (with alternate).
Finished DE_BD_CS_30 AP Outfit (with alternate).
Finished DE_BD_CS_31 AP Outfit (with alternate).
Finished DE_BD_CS_32 AP Outfit (with alternate).
Finished DE_BD_N_000 Texture.
Finished DE_PT_N_01 Texture (completely nude).
Finished DE_PT_N_02 Texture (completely nude).
Finished DE_PT_N_03 Texture (completely nude).
Finished DE_PT_N_04 Texture (completely nude).
Finished DE_PT_N_05 Texture (completely nude).
Finished DE_PT_N_06 Texture (completely nude).
Finished DE_PT_N_07 Texture.
Finished DE_PT_N_08 Texture (completely nude).
Finished DE_PT_N_09 Texture (completely nude).
Finished DE_PT_N_10 Texture.
Finished DE_PT_N_11 Texture (completely nude).
Finished DE_PT_N_12 Texture (completely nude).
Finished DE_PT_N_13 Texture.
Finished DE_PT_N_14 Texture (completely nude).
Finished DE_PT_N_15 Texture.
Finished DE_PT_N_16 Texture.
Finished DE_PT_N_17 Texture.
Finished DE_PT_N_18 Texture.
Finished DE_PT_N_19 Texture (completely nude).
Finished DE_PT_N_20 Texture (completely nude).
Finished DE_PT_N_21 Texture (completely nude).
Finished DE_PT_N_22 Texture (completely nude).
Initial pass on DE “Layout A” Textures complete.

Finished DE_BD_N_04 Texture (test).
Finished DE_BD_N_04 NR/SP maps (test).
Finished DE_BD_N_05 NR/SP maps (test).

More work on DE_BD_N_04 Texture.

Updated DE_BD_CS_09 Texture.
Updated DE_BD_CS_10 Texture.
Updated DE_BD_CS_11 Texture.
Updated DE_PT_N_13 Texture.
Updated DE_PT_N_18 Texture.
Updated DE_BD_N_05 NR map.
Added DE_BD_CS_09_NR/SP maps.
Added DE_BD_CS_10_NR/SP maps.
Added DE_BD_CS_29 NR/SP maps.
Added DE_BD_N_000 NR/SP maps.
Added DE_BD_N_00 NR map.
Added DE_BD_N_001 NR/SP maps.
Added DE_BD_N_02 NR/SP maps.
Added DE_BD_NU_A_05 NR/SP maps.
Added DE_BD_NU_B_05 NR/SP maps.
Added DE_PT_N_01 NR/SP maps.
Added DE_PT_N_02 NR map.
Added DE_PT_N_03 NR map.
Added DE_PT_N_04 NR map.
Added DE_PT_N_05 NR map.
Added DE_PT_N_06 NR map.
Added DE_PT_N_07 NR map.
Added DE_PT_N_08 NR map.
Added DE_PT_N_09 NR map.
Added DE_PT_N_10 NR map.
Added DE_PT_N_11 NR map.
Added DE_PT_N_12 NR map.
Added DE_PT_N_13 NR/SP maps.
Added DE_PT_N_14 NR map.
Added DE_PT_N_15 NR map.
Added DE_PT_N_16 NR map.
Added DE_PT_N_17 NR map.
Added DE_PT_N_18 NR map.
Added DE_PT_N_19 NR map.
Added DE_PT_N_20 NR map.
Added DE_PT_N_22 NR map.
Initial work on Medic, Punisher, Sentinel, Shadow Walker and Whipper nude assets.

Fix for DE_BD_N_04 SP map.
Updated Punisher nude assets.

More “behind the scenes” standarization for the XCF layouts for future automation.

Reworked DE_BD_N_04. Found a bug in the DE_BD_N_04 mesh and had to rework again.


and others

*** This is a work in progress for feedback/testing. ***

Poplan’s Scarlet Blade Nude Mod


ScarletBlade Nude Mod Poplan
ScarletBlade Nude Mod Poplan
28.6 MB


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