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Streets Of Rage 4 Naked Blaze

No more lingerie. Blaze Fielding doesn’t wear panties under her skirt. She also stop wearing her top. She loves to feel her boobs moving freely in Streets Of Rage 4.

The mod makes Blaze topless and pantyless. Credits: KairosZX.

What’s Included:

  1. SOR4Explorer.exe
    This file allows you to make the modded sprites usable for SOR4.
  2. NSFW Sprites
    This is a folder that contains the modded sprites for Blaze.
  3. NSFW Tittle
    This folder gives you an alternate NSFW picture that replaces main menu picture.

How to Install Streets Of Rage 4 Naked Blaze:

  • Extract the “Streets_Of_Rage_4_Nude_Blaze.7z” file somewhere where you can easily find it. There are two folders and one file inside: “SORExplorer.exe” file, “NSFW Sprites” and “NSFW Tittle” folders.
  • Run the “SOR4Explorer.exe” application.
  • Find your main “.exe” file of Streets Of Rage 4, and drag it into the “SOR4Explorer.exe” window.
Streets Of Rage 4
  • Now you see a screen full of various folders. Navigate to “animatedsprites/sor2/playables/sprsor2blaze”.
  • See the images? Good. Go to the modded “NSFW Sprites” folder.
  • Highlight all the images in that folder and copy them to the “SOR4Explorer.exe” window, placing them over the images already in there. Wait, this might take a little while.
  • Look above, near the top right corner of the window, and you’ll see a button that says “Apply”. Click that button.
Streets Of Rage 4
  • [OPTIONAL] If you want to change the main menu picture to modded erotic version, you need make same things, but you should drag and drop the “blaze.png” file from the “NSFW Tittle” folder into the “mainmenu” folder. Location of this folder in SOR4Explorer: “gui -> menus -> mainmenu”. Click on Apply and close “SOR4Explorer” once done. Start the game and admire the new nude Blaze main menu look.
Streets Of Rage 4
  • Done! Have fun!
Streets Of Rage 4 Nude Blaze
Streets Of Rage 4 Nude Blaze
Version: 1.0
37.6 MB
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