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Streets Of Rage 4 Naked Blaze Fielding

SOR4 Blaze has gone completely nude. This mod allows you to undress Blaze Fielding in Streets Of Rage 4. All-in-One from shaven to hairy. Credits: littlewolf.

There are 4 versions (select one of them):

  • Clean shaven.
  • Clean shaven with stockings.
  • Pubes.
  • Pubes with stockings.

What’s Includes:

  1. SOR4Explorer.exe
    This tool allows you to overwrite the existing images of SOR4.
  2. sprsor4blaze – Clean Shaven
    Blaze Fielding in her birthday suit. It’s a smooth shaven fully naked version.
  3. sprsor4blaze – Clean Shaven with Stockings
    Blaze wears nothing except her stockings. Her entire pubic area is bare.
  4. sprsor4blaze – Pubes
    Totally nude Blaze with pubic hair above her labia.
  5. sprsor4blaze – Pubes with Stockings
    There are stockings, exposed body and pubic hair style (it means a downward-pointing triangle directly above her genitals).

How to Install Streets Of Rage 4 Naked Blaze Fielding:

  1. Extract the “Streets_Of_Rage_4_Naked_Blaze_Fielding.7z” file anywhere you like. There are 4 folders and 1 file inside: “sprsor4blaze – Clean Shaven”, “sprsor4blaze – Clean Shaven with Stockings”, “sprsor4blaze – Pubes”, “sprsor4blaze – Pubes with Stockings” folders and “SORExplorer.exe” file.
  2. To begin modding Streets Of Rage 4, you have to launch the “SOR4Explorer.exe” application. If you don’t know how to use the “SOR4Explorer.exe” tool, here’s a quick guide:
    • Find your main “.exe” file for Streets Of Rage 4, and drag it into the “SOR4Explorer.exe” window.
    • Now you can see a screen full of various folders. Go to “animatedsprites/sor2/playables/sprsor2blaze”.
    • Do you see the images? Good. It’s recommended that you backup the original game files before overwriting.
    • So it’s time to select one of four mod’s folders that you want to use and open it.
    • Copy all the images of the chosen folder to the “SOR4Explorer.exe” window, placing them over the sprites already in there.
    • Look above, near the top right corner of the window, and you can see a button called “Apply”. Click that button. Close the “SOR4Explorer.exe” tool. That’s it!
  3. Run the game! Have fun with naked Blaze Fielding!
Streets Of Rage 4 Naked Blaze Fielding
Streets Of Rage 4 Naked Blaze Fielding
Version: 1.1
72.7 MB

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3 thoughts on “Streets Of Rage 4 Naked Blaze Fielding”

  1. folder location: animatedsprites/sor4/playables/sprsor4blaze
    but I suppose it is self explanatory at this point. If you want to install so you have all versions of nude blaze select-able in game, copy each of the other folders to sprsor4blaze_a, sprsor4blaze_b and sprsor4blaze_c but delete blaze_365 to avoid errors.

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