Black Desert Online Transparent Kibelius Armor​

This mod replaces the Kibelius Armor​ with a lewd version. Credits: BlackFireBR.


1. Extract the content of this zip file to your Black Desert Online root folder (E.g:”C:\Program Files(x86)\Black Desert Online\”)
Note: If you have a “live” folder, extract it to the “live” folder instead.

2. Go into your PAZ folder and run “BDO-KibeliusPatcher.exe”

3. Press 1 to install the patch.

4. Select your corresponding game region.

5. If everything goes well, you will get the “The patch was installed successfully!” message.

Enjoy – Feedback appreciated!

Transparent Kibelius Armor Mod
Transparent Kibelius Armor Mod
570.8 KB

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