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Poison Futa mod for Ultra Street Fighter 4

Large tits, 3d anus, impressive cock with realistic precum –  all in one patch. Poison Shemale for Ultra Street Fighter 4 pc version by Matteo.

This mod works on all versions of USF4  (original/cracked) :

1. Before start with mod installation , make a copy of original “PSN” folder
(Ultra Street FighterIV\dlc\04_ae2\battle\chara\PSN) and put it in a secure place.

2. On this pack open “PSN” folder , “select all” and “copy”, in your USF4 installation folder go here:
Ultra Street Fighter IV\dlc\04_ae2\battle\chara\PSN

3. Paste and overwrite when asked. Done!

POISON Futa SHEMALE 0.3 works on ORIGINAL costume (Colors 01-05) , once mod has been installed DON’T
USE all other colors after 05 (of ORIGINAL costume) or game will crash. Instead all Alternate costumes are usable without conflicts.

1. To use in correct way this mod is necessary Update USF4 to 1.04 version (OMEGA Update), go in Options to see this.

2. To enjoy to maximum level this Futa mod (as be able to see to close distance Poison Shemale) is strongly advised use SF4 Cameraman on USF4 (see “SF4 Cameraman” folder). When you use SF4 Cameraman, to have screen completely clean, go in Options and Disable the HUD.

3. To play USF4 in normal way, it’s not necessary use SF4 Cameraman.

4. Press “Alt + Enter” for -Full Screen mode-, press again “Alt + Enter” to return in -Windowed mode-.

5. The best way to enjoy this mod playing USF4 is play in VS mode: _Poison VS Poison_ and use OMEGA edition (with New moves added and other Updated).

6. Use English voice, perfect for Poison Shemale.

Enjoy – Feedback appreciated!

34.5 MB
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