Monster Hunter World Futa Women

Monster Hunter World transforms into Monster Hunter Futa World. This nude mod includes 3 penis sizes (small, medium and large) and has either erect or flaccid option. Also contains jiggle animation. Requires the Iceborne DLC. Credits: simezi21.

Monster Hunter World
MHW futa women: three sizes (small, medium, large), an erect version
Monster Hunter World
MHW futa women: erect or flaccid
Monster Hunter World
MHW futa jiggle erect
Monster Hunter World
MHW futa women: jiggle flaccid effect

How to Install Monster Hunter World Futa Women:

  1. Download and install the Monster Hunter World Female Nude Skins before using this one. This is needed for the futa textures to function correctly. 
  2. Extract Monster_Hunter_World_ Futa_Mod.7z file anywhere you want. Copy and paste “nativePC” folder in your game directory (ie: C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\). Overwrite files with this mod.
  3. Open the mod_options folder and select the needed one.
    • Click the folder that you want to use and put its “nativePC” folder into Steam\Steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\. Also overwrite existing files with this mod ones.
  4. Enjoy!


Monster Hunter World Futa Mod
Monster Hunter World Futa Mod
Version: 2.4
5.7 MB

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