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Monster Hunter World Naked Female Hunter

The mod replaces the “Buff Body” armor set of female hunter with an extra buff high poly nude model in Monster Hunter World. It requires the Iceborne DLC. Credits: Karbon.

How to Install Monster Hunter World Naked Female Hunter:

Way 1 – Replacing Buff Body armor set:

  1. Copy the “nativePC” folder from this archive into your Monster Hunter World game folder. It may look something like this: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World”.
  2. Open the game. You gotta use the Buff hunters armor (its part of the iceborne DLC).

Way 2 [Alternative]- Replacing the default hunter armor:

  1. Extract this archive file anywhere you want. Go to the “nativePC” folder, then “pl”, next “f_equip”, now that you are there you gonna see a “pl115_0000” folder, rename it to “pl002_0000” (this is the hunter Alpha) or “pl002_0010” (Hunter Beta).
  2. Then double click that folder and you gonna see a “arm”, “body”, “leg” and “waist” folders (no head folder actually), open them and all of it gonna have a “mod” folder, open them and you gonna see a “f_something115_0000” (the something can be a “head”, “body”, “arm”, “leg” or “waist”, only replace the numbers of that archives. For example, rename “f_arm115_0000” to “f_arm002_0000” (that is Hunter Alpha). Rename all the “.mod3”, “.mrl3”, “.ccl” and “.ctc” archives.
  3. Now do that to the all the other folders (body, leg and waist folder).
  4. Now that you rename all the files, just drop the “nativePC” (the one that came out when you download this mod) in where you game is installed. If you don’t know where it is just go to Steam, right click the game, go to “admin” (or something similar with a “>” at the end) and click in “see local files”. If you already have a “nativePC” folder (if you have other mods installed you already have a “nativePC” folder) just double click it and drop the “pl” folder there, if you already have a “pl” folder just open it and put your “f_equip” and “karbon_tex” folders there. Done. Launch the game and select Hunter Alpha armor.


  • The arms are still vanilla size to accommodate vanilla arm armors.
  • The waistline is only slightly larger than vanilla, so there shouldn’t be much clipping if you only use the top or bottom.
  • The model uses the same uv layout as the vanilla body, so if you want the muscle definition on more armor, you could just take my normal map in \pl\karbon_tex\f_skin_NM.tex and move it to “pl\common_tex\pl\skin\f_skin_NM.tex”
MHW Naked Female Hunter
MHW Naked Female Hunter
Version: 1.1.1
7.4 MB
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1 thought on “Monster Hunter World Naked Female Hunter”

  1. i think this mod needs an update, i used to use the mode and it used to work, the instructions are very simple, but for some reason when i open the game the mod has not been applied and i just dont understand cus i followed the instructions as they were listed.

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