Trials of Mana Angela Sexy Mod

The mod makes Angela topless in Trials of Mana. It has two versions: natural nude and nude with tattoo. Credits: kzm.


Included two versions:

  • Natural nude
  • Nude with tattoo

  1. Extract “Trials_of_Mana_Angela_Sexy_Mod” anywhere you want.
  2. Navigate to “Angela Sexy SM” folder and pick one of two versions:
    “AngelaSexySM_Normal_P.pak” or “AngelaSexySM_Tattoo_P.pak”
  3. Put the .pak file you want to use in the game directory:
    steamapps\common\Trials of Mana\Trials of Mana\Content\Paks~mod
    Note: If the “mod” folder doesn’t exist, create it manually.

Trials Of Mana Angela Sexy Mod
Trials Of Mana Angela Sexy Mod
Version: 1.0
22.8 MB

2 thoughts on “Trials of Mana Angela Sexy Mod”

  1. THank you for this great site…
    reporting some trouble with this patch.
    downloaded twice
    done exactly what install says (create ~mod folder in Content folder)
    not working (normal mode, did not test tattooed)

    If someone have some idea to help me to fix. Thank you.

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