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These are a couple of nude skins for “Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic. There are skins for “ALL” female players + Bastila and Mission available! Blasphemous but first you better through the readme.txt.


These are a couple Nude Skins for “Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic”

There are skins F? R “ALL” female players + Bastila and Mission available!


Bastila “P_BastilaBA01.tga” (BY BuFu)
Mission P_MissionBA01.tga “(BY BuFu)
Twilek01 “N_TwilekFB01.tga” (BY Klaas)
Twilek02 “N_TwilekFC01.tga” (BY Klaas)

Skin Color: Light Medium Dark
Soldier “pfbal01.tga” pfbalA01.tga “pfbalB01.tga” (BY BuFu)
Herin “pfbam01.tga” pfbamA01.tga “pfbamB01.tga” (BY BuFu)
“pfbas01.tga” pfbasA01.tga “pfbasB01.tga” (BY BuFu)

Instalation kotor nude mod

The Setup.exe, directories indicate select skins w, Finished!

Kotor Nude Mod
Kotor Nude Mod
2.2 MB

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