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I think I’m gonna be interested in Skyrim mods for a long time. Thus, this patch.

Skyrim nude mod pubic hair options – Bushy (Pubic1), Bushy lite (Pubic1L), Trimmed (Pubic2) and Shaved.

Installation of Skyrim nude skins:

1. To be safe – backup these two folders so if you don’t like my mod, you can easily revert to whatever you had before:
* Data\textures\actors\character\female
* Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets

Delete any nude skins files from a previous body replacer to avoid conflicts.

2. Download Skyrim nude patch and unzip/unrar into Data folder (default …steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/data)

Thanks to Dimon99. Enjoy!

Skyrim DIMONIZED Female Nude Patch
Skyrim DIMONIZED Female Nude Patch
9.0 MB


Q: The texture looks blocky and bad, can you make higher resolution ones?

A: Look under OPTIONAL FILES here for HD Normal maps…

Uncompressed  HD textures for Skyrim nude mod

They “weight” a lot, 21 meg, about 5 megs eaten by Alfa channel,which does NOTHING, but DDS plugin keeps adding it,even if I uncheck Alfa. I don’t want fiddle with export setting ATM, I have to do many for different maps…I did run a game with ALL maps uncompressed, about 120 megs total for BODY textures only- no problem. And my rig is not exactly new…

Rename either one into,
Place by hand into Data\textures\actors\character\female ,”yes” to overwrite.

HD Textures For Skyrim DIMONIZED Nude
HD Textures For Skyrim DIMONIZED Nude
8.5 MB

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