7 Sins nude patch

A patch for 7 Sins of the censorship removed.

7 Sins nude patch Instructions :

Copy Nude_patch_7_Sins_ENG.exe and 3 Files file01.dat,file02.dat,file03.dat
(for the patch usually correctly) in the source path of 7 sins
(by default c:\program files\Monte Cristo\7 sins) make a copy of data.pak
in the 7 sins dir then apply the patch and follow the instruction in menu, Good Game!

7Sins Nude Patch
7Sins Nude Patch
418.4 KB

3 thoughts on “7 Sins nude patch”

  1. “PLEASE make a male nude mod with a penis”

    sorry i m the creator of this nude patch and i lost the source and i can’t create a penis in 3d sorry

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