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Battle Raper 2 Nude Skins

This mod makes the ladies nude. Also removes the marks and adds a few more details. All the tools you need are included in the mod’s archive. Credits:



Prior to the installation of the files you should nude mods


. Secure Should you also Sexy Raper addon installed, ensures
additional that, the file


All files are the installation directory at \ Data.

How to install:

  • Unpack a folder and unzip all the files from this Rar file into this folder.
  • Copies the files now and br2_010.pp br2_012.pp from Battle Raper 2/Data Directory in your temp folder.
  • Copy now the file from the folder IluPak.exe tool in the Temp folder.
  • Now just pulls the files and br2_010.pp br2_012.pp the IluPak.exe.
  • The files are then automatically extracted to a folder.
    Important: The compressed files (*. pp) skins under any circumstances.
  • Replaced now the files from the new folders with the textures Folder from the rar file. download answer to the question with yes.
  • Are all the files *. xx replaced, you pull the folders and br2_010.pp br2_012.pp back to the Ilupak.exe. The tool will then replace the files in the *. Pp files.
  • Now even the br2_010.pp and br2_012.pp in your Battle Raper 2 \ Data directory and the existing files download copy.
  • Have you done everything right, see your game now out, as on the Screenshots.
  • Simply copy the savegame from this Rar in your Battle Raper 2 \ Data \ savefile directory. Under Extra -> Replay
    it can then start directly …
    * Have you Sexy Raper additional that the addon installed, you now have copied the Sexy.pp file to your Battle Raper 2 \ Data \ directory.

Nude Patch Battle Raper 2
Nude Patch Battle Raper 2
17.3 MB
hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

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  1. hello im trying to install the nude patch from Battle reaper from the web site but my english is not so good and i dont understant how to install it, please can you help me with the installing with pictures and ¿what is the folder IluPak.exe tool? and if is an additional file ¿where i can download it? 🙂

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