Battle Raper 2 patch

A patch for Battle Raper 2 a) remove the marks and b) add a few more details.

Tools and explanations are included in the zip.

patch Battle Raper 2 (Full nude Edition)
————————————————– ——————————–


This Nude patch the grades in Battle Raper 2 is removed and the ladies
get a “Vagina”.

The Nude patch was with the Japanese version 1.0, with the English Patch
installed has been tested. Additional that the Sexy Raper addon was installed.

Prior to the installation of the files you should nude patches


. Secure Should you also Sexy Raper addon installed, ensures
additional that, the file


All files are the installation directory at \ Data.

Battle Raper nude patch installer


– Unopack a folder and unzip all the files from this
Rar file into this folder.
– Copies the files now and br2_010.pp br2_012.pp from Battle Raper 2/Data
Directory in your temp folder.
– Copy now the file from the folder IluPak.exe tool in the Temp folder.
– Now just pulls the files and br2_010.pp br2_012.pp the IluPak.exe.
The files are then automatically extracted to a folder.
Important: The compressed files (*. pp) skins under any circumstances.
– Replaced now the files from the new folders with the textures
Folder from the rar file. download answer to the question with yes.
– Are all the files *. xx replaced, you pull the folders and br2_010.pp br2_012.pp
back to the Ilupak.exe. The tool will then replace the files in the geдnderten
*. Pp files.
– Now even the br2_010.pp and br2_012.pp in your Battle Raper 2 \ Data directory
and the existing files download copy.
– Have you done everything right, see your game now out, as on the
Screenshots _
– To Rape scenes equal to kцnnen enjoy without first through the
to muddle mьssen whole game, simply copy the savegame from this
Rar in your Battle Raper 2 \ Data \ savefile directory. Under Extra -> Replay
it can then start directly …

* Have you Sexy Raper additional that the addon installed, you now have copied the
Sexy.pp file in your Battle Raper 2 \ Data \ directory and the ьberschreibt
Existing order.

nude patch uninstaller:

Just the (hopefully) backed up files back to the
appropriate folder and copy the existing files download.

————————————————– ——————————–
————————————————– ——————————–

Q: In the selection screen, we see nothing. Forgot?
A: No. Strangely, I’ve spotted all the textures and checked up. Matching
also processed. Nevertheless, in the Edit screen not a “detail” can be seen.

Q: The Rape scene you do not see the penis. Why?
A: Because I could not assign the texture. A suspicion could not
. Confirming your

Q: Why so complicated ьber the tool? Give us the files immediately packed!
A: All right, but together the 3 files are 795 MB big …

————————————————– ——————————–
————————————————– ——————————–

My special thanks go to Toriko from Japan, which has helped me a lot.
He has the tools concerned and thus made the first nude patch mцglich.
Arigato _

————————————————– ——————————–

Much Spazz, yo Smazene


Nude Patch Battle Raper 2
Nude Patch Battle Raper 2
17.3 MB

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  1. hello im trying to install the nude patch from Battle reaper from the web site but my english is not so good and i dont understant how to install it, please can you help me with the installing with pictures and ¿what is the folder IluPak.exe tool? and if is an additional file ¿where i can download it? 🙂

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