Alice2 nude skins – Sirene mini Skirt

Nude skins for Alice 2 – Madness Returns: Sirene mini Skirt

The Steam (steam) in Sirene mini skirt version

WARNING: when Alice jumps (flies, etc.) you will see the NOT Rendered body (but not particularly bother)


To patch Alice 2:

1. Start Texmod.exe
2. Click on a folder under the Target Application Folder and navigate to the Alice 2 . Exe file run
3. Set Texmod mode  – Package Mode.
4. Click on the folder icon and select the nude mod’s Tpf file
5. Click the Run and the game will start with a new Alice 2 nude skins.

Alice 2 Sirene Mini Skirt
Alice 2 Sirene Mini Skirt
2.1 MB

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