Batman: Arkham Asylum Bottomless Harley Quinn

No more panties. The mod makes Harley Quinn bottomless in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Her blouse is partly see-through, so you can see her nipples. Now she has a more busty look. Added a new trophy thumbnail. Requires Requires the Texmod tool. Credits: FallsDipper.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

How to Install Batman: Arkham Asylum Bottomless Harley Quinn

  1. Extract the “BAA_Nude_Harley.7z” anywhere you want.
  2. Download Texmod.
  3. Start the “Texmod.exe” application.
  4. Select your game – “BatmanAA.exe”.
  5. Go to [Package Mode] – Open the “HarlyAsylum.tpf” file.
  6. Click “Run” [Have Fun].
BAA Nude Harley
BAA Nude Harley
Version: 1.0
10.7 MB

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