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Batman: Arkham Knight Batman Returns Catwoman Outfit

This mod makes the 1990s Catwoman model into the Batman Returns design. Requires Resorep. Credits: MrJustArkhamGames.

  1. Download Resorep with all needed requirements for its work:
    Make sure you have Microsoft C++ distributables 2015 and Java SE Runtime Environment 8 (Windows x64 version) installed for Resorep to work.
  2. Start resorep.jar – double click it in Windows Explorer.
    Make sure that your Windows user has write rights for game folder.
  3. Click the “+” button in the “Applications to hook” section.
  4. Select the game executable. Not the game launcher but game itself.
  5. [Optional] Change “Load modded textures from” path if you wish.
  6. Close the resorep.jar application.
  7. Unpack the mod’s archive anywhere. Copy “.dss” files from the “Textures” folder into the folder specified by “Load modded textures from” path.
  8. Launch the game and go to the showcase, choose the 90s Catwoman showcase model.
  9. Have fun!

BAK Batman Returns Catwoman Outfit
BAK Batman Returns Catwoman Outfit
Version: 1.0
6.2 MB
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