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Batman: Arkham Knight Nude Batgirl

Batman Arkham Knight nude mod for Batgirl. Credits: CraftedLightning.

  • Download Resorep with all needed requirements for its work:
    Make sure you have Microsoft C++ distributables 2015 and Java SE Runtime Environment 8 installed for Resorep to work.
  • Put BMInput.ini file in: Batman Arkham Knight\DLC\313100\Content\BmGame\Config
    If you already have a BMInput file with custom mods in, just copy the lines of the BMInput.ini file I gave you, to the one you have. Also if you don’t have that folder (313100), use a different numbered folder that you have when you install it.
  • Put CONSOLE.txt in Batman Arkham Knight\Binaries
    So, it is next to the win64 folder. If you already have CONSOLE.TXT mods, just like BMInput you can copy the lines from the text file I have given you and add the lines to the txt file you have.
  • Load the game and go to the showcase, open up the 90s Catwoman showcase model. Press F12 a few times (make sure steam screenshot button is switched to another button).
  • Back out of the showcase and choose the Batgirl story DLC, as soon as you choose it hit F12 a few times. Now when you start the DLC you should be a nude Batgirl. If you aren’t just click restart from checkpoint and as soon as you hit that, hit F12 a few times. You will need to hit F12 every loading screen (which means every time you die). If you forget or it doesn’t work, just restart from checkpoint. So, any mode you want to do, just hit F12 as soon as the loading screen is activated, and it will force nude Batgirl on any character. However, whenever you play as a new character you undo the steps, so you’ll have to start from the beginning and do F12 on the showcase model again. But if you don’t switch character, you only need to press F12 on loading screen to make your character nude Batgirl.

Batgirl Nude Mod
Batgirl Nude Mod
8.8 MB
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