Blade and Soul Female Nude Skins

This is nude female skins mega pack. The mod is compatible with all the races. Credits: Ashllay.


1. Create a new folder called “mod” (without ” “) in the “CookedPC” folder in the game’s directory: “Blade & Soul\BnS\contents\Local\NCWEST\ENGLISH\CookedPC”.

2. Extract the “nude_mod_BnS.7z” file anywhere you want. Go to the “nude_mod_BnS\files” folder and copy all the “.upk” files to your “mod” folder: “Blade & Soul\BnS\contents\Local\NCWEST\ENGLISH\CookedPC\mod”.

Enjoy – Feedback appreciated!

Nude Mod BnS
Nude Mod BnS
Version: basebody upk's [NA/EU]
3.3 MB

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  1. The “CookedPC” folder is in your game’s directory. It may look like this: “…\BnS\contents\Local\NCWEST\ENGLISH\CookedPC”.

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