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Blade and Soul Topless Gon Female

This mod replaces the Devotion costume with a lewd version for a Gon Female. Boobs are waiting for You! Credits: Naduron.


1. Download uMod and run.
2. Click on [Add Game] -> Client.EXE
3. Turn on [Use Global Hook]
4. Launch Blade and Soul (Do not use “Start game through uMod)
(More options will now pop up)
5. Click on [Open Texture/Package] and choose a mod.
6. Click on [Update Reload]

Sometimes you must switch between the Texture Resulotions to make the Umod load the correct texture.
[Save All Textures] and [Save Single Textures] must be turned off.


There can be some issues with uMod’s work if you use Win10.

Possible solutions

The first way:

Put the d3d9.dll in C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\bin and run both umod and bsn as administrator.
Right click the umod exe (current version r49) and go to properties and change compatibility to Win7.

The second way:

Download and try to use it instead of uMod r49.

How to use mod with uMod V2 r53:

1. Right click the uMod programme icon and choose “Run as Administrator”.
2. Click Main and then Add Game, browse your BnS game folder for Client.exe and select it (you only need to do this the first time you run uMod).
3. Click Main and then Use Global Hook (you only need to do this the first time, but check to see that it is ticked on future use).
4. Start BnS game normally (not using Start game through uMod), but use “Run as Administrator” to ensure mods will work.
5. Alt-tab back to uMod where a new tab should have appeared labeled Client. If the Capture Textures section is open, just ignore it.
6. Below should be a blank section, right click in it and select Open Texture/Package.
Browse to the folder where you stored your downloaded mods and select the .dds files.
7. Accept the 2 promts which follow.
8. At this point your BnS client may crash, if it does simply relaod the game (but leave uMod running).
9. Your mod is now visible in game providing you have the Texture value in the Advanced Graphics Settings set to 5 (max).
10. If you’re adding a new mod when you already have some, to avoid possible multiple client crashes, before adding the new mod first highlight your existing mods listed in the bottom pane of uMod then right click below and select Remove Selected Packages. This will remove everything you had so far. Then right click below again and select Open Texture/Package and select all of you mods from your mods folder including the new one. Once you accept the 2 prompts that follow the game client will likely crash, but on reloading the game your mods will be there again.

Blade And Soul nude mod for Gon
Blade And Soul nude mod for Gon
Version: [Costume] Devotion
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