Days Gone Naked Deacon

The mod replaces Deacon’s outfits with a nude model in Days Gone. Deek has default long hair, default hazel eyes and beard. Removed manbag and glasses. Credits: Luxos.

How to Install Days Gone Naked Deacon:

  1. Rename “sfpaks” folder to “sfpakss” (without quotes) inside “Days Gone/bendgame/content”.
  2. Extract the “5BendGame-DeaconNude_1_WindowsNoEditor_P.pak” file into the “%LocalAppData%\BendGame\Saved\Paks” folder.
    Note: create the “Paks” folder if you don’t have it. Final location of the mod’s file should be “%LocalAppData%\BendGame\Saved\Paks\5BendGame-DeaconNude_1_WindowsNoEditor_P.pak”.
  3. Done! Enjoy!
Days Gone Naked Deacon
Days Gone Naked Deacon
Version: 0.1
16.3 MB

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