Granblue Fantasy: Versus Naked Vira

Here’s a nude mod for Granblue Fantasy: Versus that replaces Vira’s clothes with a lewd version. It’s available for her alt mode and transformation. Credits: xxSJxx.

What’s Included

  • Base Model
  • Limit Transformation Model

Note: Her alt mode/transformation is independent and should also be installed.

How to Install Granblue Fantasy: Versus Naked Vira

  1. Extract the “GFV_Naked_Vira.7z” archive anywhere you want. There are two folders inside: “Base Model” and “Limit Transformation”.
  2. Install both options one by one:
    • Open the “Base Model” folder and copy its files such as “Nude Vira.pak” and “Nude Vira.sig” to the “~mods” folder: “Granblue Fantasy Versus\RED\Content\Paks\~mods”.
      Note: Create the “~mods” folder in the “Paks” folder if you don’t have one yet.
    • Go to the “Limit Transformation” folder and place its two files inside the “~mods” folder.
  3. Done, enjoy the game.
GFV Naked Vira
GFV Naked Vira
Version: 1.0
2.2 MB

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