Granblue Fantasy: Versus Naked Yuel

All-in-one! The mod replaces the default costume with a nude texture in Granblue Fantasy: Versus. It has “with tail” and “no tail” versions. Each of them contains topless, semi-nude and completely naked variants. It also includes a portrait edit, inside the character selection screen which makes Yuel semi-nude. Credits: xxSJxx.

How to Install Granblue Fantasy: Versus Naked Yuel

  1. Extract the “GFV-Nude-Yuel.7z” archive anywhere you want.
  2. Place the “Lewd Portraits.pak” and “Lewd Portraits.sig” files into the “~mods” folder in the game directory: “Granblue Fantasy Versus\RED\Content\Paks\~mods”
    Note: If you don’t have “~mods” folder, create it manually.
  3. You can only have one version installed. Go to the “- TAIL -” or “- NO TAIL -” folder and drag ONE of its subfolders to the “~mods” folder.
  4. Done! Run the game. Make sure you’re not using the “Original” designs, use the “Granblue Fantasy Versus” instead.
GFV Nude Yuel
GFV Nude Yuel
Version: 1.0
21.7 MB

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