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Watch Dogs 2 Naked Females

The latest version. Have you ever wanted to see WD2 women without their lingerie? Well, you did ask for it, so here they are. This mod makes the most of female characters half or fully naked in Watch Dogs 2. It replaces female underwear like briefs, thongs (except pantyhose) with a lewd version. Credits: Antaxi.

How to Install Watch Dogs 2 Naked Females

  1. Place the “patch3.dat” and “patch3.fat” files into the game directory: “WD2\data_win64”.
  2. Done! Launch the game. Check the streets, strip club, Baker beach and etc.
  3. Have fun with WD2 naked girls!

Note: The mod can be applied to some male characters as well. If you want to find nude men in Watch Dogs 2, look briefs-thong models aka naturists in the real San-Fran. But some of them keep the pants on, because the game’s developers decided to cut off some model parts via mesh masking. 

Download & Update the mod to the Latest Version

2021/04/01 Updated to version 2.0

  • Removed censorship, textures & parts from the most of game characters.
  • Added pantyless lingerie to sex workers and strippers.
WD2 Naked Females
WD2 Naked Females
Version: 2.0
2.6 MB
hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

8 thoughts on “Watch Dogs 2 Naked Females”

  1. Hello! That’s really odd! The mod works fine. Make sure you don’t use the cracked/outdated WD2 version, the mod doesn’t work with it.
    The mod is updated now, try the latest version.

  2. Thanks for making this! I have the steam version, and it only has patch2.dat/.fat. I was going to replace those, but I’m reluctant as the byte size is considerably different between your patch and their patch (373MB vs 14 etc). If I add it in the Watch Dogs 2 data_win64 with the native file names, will that work?

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